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pH Plus

pH Plus Family

pH Neutralization Systems | pH Adjustment systems | Industrial pH Systems

pH Plus family of pH Neutralization Adjustment systems are engineered, integrated and completely pre-packaged units with automatic controls and instrumentation designed for ease of installation and maximum reliability.

Key Features and Options:
  • 0-50 gpm Continuous Flow
  • Fully Customizable
  • Compact Design
  • Ideal for lab use
  • Integral Double Contained Reagents
  • Limited Installation Requirements
  • Available Effluent Monitoring


Assured Compliance System (ACS)

The Assured Compliance System (ACS) is a skid mounted Neutralization Systems that treats continuous flow streams employing HYBRID BATCH TECHNOLOGY developed by Burt Process Equipment, leading by the Industrial pH Systems for over 45 years.

Key Features and Options:
  • 0-300 gpm Continuous Flow
  • Fully Customizable
  • Assured Compliance Control Technology
  • Self-Cleaning Retraction pH Probes
  • Recirculation Loop Reagent Injection
  • PLC/HMI Controls Standard
  • Fully Modular Design
To find out more customization options, contact Burt Process Equipment engineers for quality and reliable service.

pH Lab Master

pH Lab Master Family

The Lab Master family of pH Adjustment or Neutralization Systems is available in compact styles and offers many features and options.

Key Features and Options:
  • 0-250,000 gpd Capacity
  • Fully Customizable
  • Batch Treatment for Concentrated Acid/Base Waste
  • Automatic Pumped or Gravity Discharge
  • PLC/HMI Controls Standard
  • Available Redundant pH Probes
  • Optional Dual-Batch Treatment

pH Spec Master

Spec Master Family

BE Spec Master series is a premier line of pH Neutralization or Adjustment Systems designed to meet the most stringent specifications for quality, reliability and durability.

Key Features and Options:
  • 0-1,000 gpm Continuous Flow
  • Fully Customizable
  • Ideal for Large Industrial Use
  • Single or Dual Stage Treatment
  • AVS Treatment Tank Technology
  • Single and Dual Stage Reagent Injection
  • Effluent pH and Flow Monitoring


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BPE Career Opportunities

Burt Process Equipment was founded in 1970 and has been a growing industrial distributor and manufacturer ever since. We are a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of thermoplastic high purity and corrosion resistant equipment, systems and services. Currently, our engineered systems provide proven solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, institutional, and chemical processing markets. We are continually looking for new associates who bring a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to our organization. Pleaseto submit a BPE Career Form if you are interested in learning more about exciting career opportunities at Burt Process. You should receive an email or phone call within 48 hours.

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pH Plus Family of pH Neutralization Systems

pH Plus Family of pH Neutralization Systems are fully customizable continuous flow system with a flow range of up to 50 gpm. Ideal for lab use, these pH Adjustment systems has many high-end features, functions, and controls, yet is easy to install and use.

Assured Compliance Neutralization Systems

Driven by proprietary HYBRID BATCH TECHNOLOGY and Assured Compliance Control Technology ACS Assured Compliance pH Adjustment Systems are modular and fully customizable to 300 gpm. Self-Cleaning Retraction pH Probes, Recirculation Loop Reagent Injection and PLC/HMI Controls are some of the most common features of these systems...

pH Lab Master Family of pH Adjustment Systems

The Lab Master Family of pH Adjustment Systems are ideal for laboratories producing highly impure water and chemicals. These pH Neutralization systems incorporate high efficiency metering systems to minimize chemical use in impure waste streams. The LabMaster family of pH Adjustment Systems is available in compact Styles and offers many features such as 0-250,000 gpd Capacity and much more...

pH Spec Master Family of pH Adjustment Systems

Designed by BPE the Spec Master family of pH Adjustment Systems incorporates quality components, innovative design, and superior workmanship to handle a variety of waste-water in-fluent streams with Industrial pH Systems ranging from 1 to 14. The pH SpecMaster has many features including 0-1,000 gpm continuous flow, single or dual stage treatment, AVS treatment tank technology, single & dual stage reagent injection, and effluent Industrial pH Systems & flow monitoring.

Industrial pH Systems

The Industrial pH Systems are complete Neutralization systems. Most of the systems measure, tabulate data, and balance pH of a solution accordingly. Different types of pH systems are used in a variety of applications including pools, laboratory settings, industry, etc. Most pH systems are handheld, however bigger systems are available for industrial applications. The task of an industrial pH system is to adjust the pH of the solution to acceptable discharge range (defined by user). There are two types of basic pH systems for industrial applications: Batch Processing & Continuous Processing

Check out all of our Manuals & Brochure of pH Neutralization Systems, High Purity Water Systems, Rainwater Reclamation Systems - Manuals of pH Neutralization Systems

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